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25 September 2013

5 things... I've discovered since I've been broke...

As I am weening myself off my recent Magic Money addiction things at the moment are a little tight. I’m having to give up my days in coffee shops for days in the flat that nobody lovves, and night out are sober and in a recycled outfit. But it isn’t all doom gloom, in fact here are 5 things I am enjoying about being skint… Continue reading 

24 September 2013

what I learnt from an hour with Kanye West...

Last night I did something I never thought I would do… I sat for a whole hour and listened to Kanye West…rant. Continue reading 

it's tights season!

Tights, you either love them or hate them.
Personally I adore them. I very VERY rarely wear jeans or trousers so come winter, tights are mine and my otherwise cold bottom’s best friend. Yes they can role down or ladder easily but they can also make a simple outfit a great one!  And seen as I am RIDICULOUSLY broke this season I will be reinventing my outfits with the smaller touches! Here are just a few pictures I am using for inspiration.  Continue reading 

23 September 2013

I have no idea what is cool anymore...

I live in Manchester’s very hipster Northern Quarter, on a daily basis I am reminded how not cool I am. And by not cool, I don’t mean I’m not cool in the ironically-not-cool-so-actually-cool kind of way. Just point blank not cool. These days I have no idea what is cool and what isn’t, but to be honest I’m not sure anybody does. So I’ve come up with a list of 10 things that by all rights should not be cool, but well, they just are… (I think)